Window protection: A Guide

When we want to install a protection for its windows, we often think of the shutters but there is another alternative with the blinds: indeed, this product makes it possible to ensure a very effective solar protection especially with the UV. It is a product that also beautifies and enhances a home, to better enjoy an outdoor living space as a terrace with refinement and elegance, without any embarrassment, with ease of use.

The blinds can, of course, be installed outdoors to protect against the sun, rain, moisture, heat but also indoors, such as shop windows, windows on the terraces.

Advantages of blinds

The advantages, as we have seen, are many with the installation of blinds, it effectively reduces the internal temperature by 2 to 5 degrees; this accessory consists of a frame, a canvas and any accessories such as a remote control for a motorization is the perfect product to always benefit from invigorating freshness.

Types of blinds

Different types of blinds exist according to the needs and expectations of everyone, whether a professional or an individual, depending on the type of architecture. The awning can be installed either against a wall or on a ceiling. Which blinds should you buy? That really depends on your goals.

First of all, there is the awning for the windows, with their different models, namely the vertical awning, which is installed parallel to a glazing, and the projection awning (called the Italian blind), which offers a reduced space requirement.

There is also the side blind or privacy screen for the terraces and protects from prying eyes but also wind and sun.

The other best-known blind is surely the awning that is used outdoors to protect from the sun and bring freshness.

Finally, for indoor blinds, there is roller blind or roller blind that offers perfect insulation and increased safety.