The Journey Begins…

Fault Line Living are recipients of the 2010
‘Go Beyond’ bursary from The Royal
Geographical Society (with IBG) and Land
Rover. It is a 15,000 mile expedition and
multi-media project exploring the lives of
people living on fault lines. We’ll be talking
to schools, scientists, geologists, residents,
and city developers to explore what life is
like living on a fault line. We’ll travel from
Iceland, through Denmark, Germany, Italy,
Greece, Turkey and Iran exploring what it’s
really like to live in these danger zones, from
the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We’ll be posting much more information in
the next few weeks and once we’re on the
road we’ll be uploading material on a daily
basis. Thanks for your support, and please
come back soon when we have more for you
to look at.

Vital Stats…

Start date: 31st July 2010

Estimated distance of proposed route:
15,000 miles

Countries visited along the fault line:
UK – Denmark – Iceland – Denmark –
Germany – Italy – Greece – Turkey – Iran

The Team:
Tamsin Davies, Serena Davies and Adam Whitaker