A guide to landscape slope

Understand the area’s drainage system

Landscaping slope is quite an involving endeavor, but it is more fun, without regard to the tiredness that comes with the work. To create a good design, however, you need to first understand the drainage system of the area, or rather that of the home so as to design the slope appropriately. The slope will go a long way in preventing erosion and enhancing the drainage system.

A poorly designed and constructed slope may cause unrepairable damage to the drainage system of the home or the entire estate. In times of heavy rain, for instance, it could carry downslope, rock and soil debris from the upper parts of the landscape and deposit them on the lower parts; hence blocking the drainage system and subsequently destroying the property if not corrected in time. There are two commonly designed drainage systems for different yards. The grate; where drain grates are used, draining water is directed underground to another location and utilized appropriately; whereas with the use of swales draining water is redirected over the land to a lower point where it can easily drain.


Upon understanding the drainage system, then take the time to calmly and slowly design the appropriate design for the landscape. Here the expertise of a professional is necessary, while at the same time, the will of the property owner is also put into consideration. The professional use these bases to design that which is appropriate for the land; they choose the most appropriate way for water to drain of the slope. They could even create drains, but then plant some flowers, or shrubs to hide the swales. However, if there is need to interfere with the drainage system or even change it, an expert in the area has to be consulted first.

Plant or decorate

After formation of the slope, it doesn’t look quite attractive just to leave it bare. Moreover, rain can easily erode the structure, carrying away the soil downstream which could end up being problematic in the future. You now have the chance to decorate the area all you can. These could be through planting various flowers of your liking or even shrubs. Those with fibrous roots are especially encouraged to ensure that they hold the soil firmly preventing erosion in the future. Rocks could also be used as a form of decoration and future insurance against erosion.

Other options

Other than planting, terracing can be as good an option to flowers and shrubs. Here you have an option to consider both your favorite architectural designs and artistic designs. The size of the wall will differ based on the slope, while you also consider the materials to use so as to blend with the surrounding. On the other hand, you have the capability of exploiting your creativity to enhance the beauty of your surrounding and working on either creating a good landscape or a great garden in your yard, but don’t forget to communicate with experts constantly.

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